The living room

Imperfectly Flawless has opened a drop-in center in Glendale, AZ. This living room themed space located within the Glendale Mission Center allows us to provide a variety of services and resources in a beautiful, safe, comfortable, loving environment. Our primary focus will continue to be serving women working in the sex industry, human trafficking victims, mentoring individuals in recovery, and educating families on digital safety. We will also be serving and supporting all women who are in need of our services. We equip and empower women to learn who they are, discover their purpose, and begin living it. While this isn't necessarily a typical "church" that people are accustomed to, this space exists so that we can BE the Church to every individual we meet. This space is part of a community ministry center that is becoming a hub of local community service agencies and nonprofits who will be able to support each other and collectively meet the needs of the community. So stop by for a cup of coffee, to learn more about what we are doing, to discuss volunteer opportunities, to pick up harm reduction tools, or even just to enjoy quiet time in our relaxing environment. Make sure to book your appointment below!

Some of the ways we help facilitate life transformation:

This drop-in center is a safe place where women will find true acceptance, love, and healing...a place where we can help them get equipped for a new career, long-term success, and making real-life changes. For us, developing meaningful relationships with the individuals we serve is just as important as meeting their physical needs. Equipping and empowering individuals for success includes walking with them as they grow. We help individuals make and meet long-term goals and to begin to transition their mindsets from surviving to all aspects of life.

Imperfectly Flawless